Top 5 Scenic Drives in South Texas

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When you think of South Texas, the image of towering cacti and barren deserts is probably what floods your mind. While the desert certainly has its own beauty to behold, there’s much more scenery that you’re missing out on–especially in the mountains and near the southern Texas coastline. For those Kingsville drivers itching to see the beauty of South Texas, these scenic routes to drive in Texas are an absolute must!



Devil’s Backbone

Littered with rolling hills and long winding roads, driving on this scenic route will make you feel like you are the star of a Western film. The famous Devil’s Backbone route is about 50 miles and encompasses several Texas Farm Roads, such as 12, 32, 165, 2325, and U.S. Highway 281. Be wary though, this gorgeous stretch of road is said to be haunted due to its bloody past.

Bluewater Highway

The Bluewater Highway is located right on the southern Texas coastline and passes by many landmark attractions, such as Galveston Island State Park and San Luis Beach. This route spans 40 miles and is only an hour long for Port Lavaca drivers. This scenic drive in South Texas crosses over the San Luis Beach, and you’ll even get a chance to witness the breathtaking sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.

Rio Grande Route

This scenic drive is located right on the Texas-Mexico border and cuts right through Big Bend National Park, which is known for its hiking trails and gorgeous scenery. In just one 30-minute drive, you’ll witness several changes in scenery, from shimmering deserts to the Chisos Mountains.

Swiss Alps in Texas

While this scenic route to drive in South Texas does not look exactly like the actual Alps, there is still much beauty to behold on this drive such as deep canyons and rolling hills. Ranging from 80 to 130 miles long, this route begins on Highway 460 in Bandera and eventually transforms into Highway 83 when driving towards Concan, TX.

Davis Mountains Scenic Loop

On this 75-mile drive in southwest Texas, you’ll get the chance to see the Davis Mountains. In contrast with the Chihuahuan desert, the Davis Mountains look like great blue waves frozen in time.

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