What to Do After a Car Accident

car crash

While getting in an accident can be very unfortunate, you can lessen the stress of the situation by preparing to know what to do after a car accident. With knowledge of a useful course of action following a collision, you can be confident in taking the right steps to address it correctly. Read on below to learn more about how to respond promptly to an accident in Aransas Pass or elsewhere, how to file a car insurance claim, and additional helpful tips. 

Step-by-Step: What to do After a Car Accident

Here’s a quick breakdown of the proper steps to take should you find yourself in an accident on Corpus Christi roads: 

  1. Ensure you and your passengers are okay. If there are any perceived injuries or it is clear urgent help is needed, call for emergency help immediately. 
  2. Check on the other party involved. Again, call for an ambulance if there are any observable injuries or health threats. 
  3. Call the police. Even if you and the other driver are amicable, it’s useful to have an official report on file. To make a car accident insurance claim, an official report of the incident is often necessary.
  4. Exchange information. Exchange contact details, and take down the information or take a picture of the other party’s driver’s license, license plate, and insurance coverage. Also make note of the other vehicles year, make, model, and color.
  5. Document the damage.Take relevant pictures or videos of the scene and any observable damage. While the police report will include details, it’s responsible of you to also archive the immediate damage for yourself and potentially your insurance company. 
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How to File a Car Insurance Claim

After following the aforementioned steps regarding what to do after a car accident, next you should make a car accident insurance claim. Here’s how to file a car insurance claim. It is simpler than you’d think!

  1. Contact your insurance agent. They will collect the following information: 
    • What vehicle you were driving
    • Who was driving
    • Location and time of the accident in Kingsville or elsewhere
    • A basic description of the accident and damage
    • The driver’s license, license plate, and insurance information of the other party
  2. Write down the claim number they give you. 
  3. Provide the police report. 
  4. Communicate with the insurance adjustor (they will most likely reach out to you)
  5. Review the evaluation prepared by the adjustor. 
  6. Sign the final resolution, accepting the payment terms of the car accident insurance claim.

Get More Helpful Tips from Allen Samuels CDJR Aransas Pass

Whether you drive a vehicle from Allen Samuels CDJR Aransas Pass or not, we are committed to helping our whole Port Lavaca area community drive safely and informed. If you have any more questions similar to what to do after a car accident, contact us today. We are always here as a resource. Do you need repairs as a result of a recent accident? Schedule an appointment with our service center today!

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